State of the World: Where Are We on Crypto Policy with Special Guest Ryan Selkis

Episode Summary

In this episode, we sit down with Ryan Selkis, Founder & CEO of Messari, to take the state of the world on crypto policy. We cover everything from Tornado Cash to the SEC, Coinbase, MiCA, AML/KYC and much more. Ryan is a crypto veteran and one of the most influential thinkers and builders in the space. One of the strongest advocates for the industry, he is starting to see a path forward for sensible crypto policy and mainstream adoption.

Episode Notes

Ryan Selkis is co-founder and CEO of Messari, a leading crypto asset data and research company. Prior to founding Messari, he was an entrepreneur-in-residence at ConsenSys, and was on the founding teams of Digital Currency Group, where he managed the firm’s seed investing activity, and CoinDesk, where he led the company’s restructuring and annual Consensus conferences. He has been an investor and prolific writer in the crypto industry since 2013.